r00tabaga "Pineapple-mode" Default Settings

User: root  
Password: r00tabaga

Wireless (wlan0):

  • Enabled but not configured, available for use with Karma or Kismet

Wired (eth0)

  • Configured with default gateway at, so setup your PC or route accordingly
  • Web interface on port 1471

Getting Started:

  1. Charge or direct power the r00tabaga via the MicroUSB port. on its side.
  2. Power on the r00tabaga via the power switch next to the MicroUSB port.
  3. Once the r00tabaga is booted (the blue LED stops flashing and goes off) connect your computer to the ethernet port on the r00tabaga
  4. Open your browser and point to
  5. You can also SSH to to pop a shell. Login as root, password r00tabaga
  6. Through your SSH session... using tcpdump, nmap, etc.
  7. Recommended - Set a new root password using “passwd”
  8. Optional – Change the Wireless AP settings by editing /etc/config/wireless
  9. Optional – Change the Network settings by editing /etc/config/network
  10. Reboot after any changes using “reboot”
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