r00tabaga "MiniPwner-mode" Default Settings

User: root  
Password: r00tabaga

Wireless (wlan0):

  • Set up as an AP with SSID “r00tabaga-XXXX” (where XXXX is last four of the r00tabaga's wifi MAC address)
  • No security by default
  • Static IP Address
  • Provides DHCP address in 192.168.50.x range

Wired (eth0)

  • Set up to request a DHCP address when connected
  • After booting, the blue LED is off when no eth0 connection, on if live link on ETH0

Getting Started:

  1. Charge or direct power the r00tabaga via the MicroUSB port. on its side.
  2. Power on the r00tabaga via the power switch next to the MicroUSB port.
  3. Once the r00tabaga is booted (the blue LED stops flashing and goes off) connect your computer to the Wireless network named "r00tbaga-XXXX"
  4. SSH to (port 22)
  5. Login as root, password r00tabaga
  6. Plug the r00tabaga into an ethernet network.  The blue LED should come on
  7. Through your SSH session on the wireless interface, inspect the network on the wired interface using tcpdump, nmap, etc.
  8. Recommended - Set a new root password using “passwd”
  9. Optional – Change the Wireless AP settings by editing /etc/config/wireless
  10. Optional – Change the Network settings by editing /etc/config/network
  11. Reboot after any changes using “reboot”
  12. If you cannot connect to the wireless interface, connect the wired interface to a network with DHCP and then use nmap on your computer to scan for the device to figure out what IP it received (nmap –sS –p22 – replace 192.168.1 with your network. 
    Once you figure out the IP you can SSH to the wired interface.
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